Združenje trgovskih agentov Slovenije ARRA


The Commercial Agents Association of Slovenia                                          

The Commercial Agents Association of Slovenia is a result of the prevailing opinion of the members of the CCIS-CSBT that it was crucial for the activity of intermediation in sales, as well as individual companies or sole proprietors, to be in the company of equals, namely in the company of the Commercial Agents Association of Slovenia. If you are unable to achieve some goals or realise some ideas by yourself, you are kindly invited to join us.

We represent, protect and promote the common interests of Commercial Agents in Slovenia.  

If we work together, we can set up a better network of business connections for a successful performance of our Commercial Agents and production companies.

Businesses who are seeking Commercial Agents in Slovenia can search for Agents in the Agent Directory or Advertise to find Agents.

Commercial Agents who are members of Commercial Agents Associaotion of Slovenia, as part of  CCIS-CSBT, can register in the Agent Directory and will then be informed of new offers by email.   CCIS-CSBT-Commercial Agents Associaotion of Slovenia supports the platform come-into-contact.com in cooperation with the IUCAB.